Business Maestro 3 days

To the essence of leadership through conducting

Business Maestro helps individuals become aware of the essential connection between mind and body and how it affects oneself, one's leadership, and one's team. Additionally, we map out the head and body of the organization and together create a route on how to anchor both elements in the organization in a way that is accepted.

Duration: 2+1 days

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We achieve this through conducting and the Action Learning philosophy. Orchestra musicians are supremely trained in reading the character of individuals and translating it directly into their music. The music is the direct reflection of your leadership.

The Art of leadership

You master the craft of leadership. But you want the next step. Instead of the science behind effectiveness and influence, you are looking for meaning and self-awareness, or the essence of leadership. Conducting is besides craft mostly personality. The music of the musicians is the most direct and honest mirror of your actions.
With string quartet or bigger orchestra if wished for
Full package at an inspiring location
About the essence of leadership, body language and communication
About the power of vulnerability


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3 day course € 3.250,-
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Koninginneweg 93a, Hilversum