Who are we?

Marcel Geraeds is a conductor and entrepreneur.
I show and let people experience the art of leadership through conducting an orchestra. Using music as a mirror I want to inspire people to develop a deeper layer of leadership.
As a musician I work in the symphony orchestras of the Netherlands like the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. A turning point in my career came in 2010, when I won the international conductors competition Macon (USA). This was followed by invitations from both national and international symphony orchestras. My insights as a conductor and creative mind proved to be of great value for business. My workshop ‘leading and being led' and the course ‘Business Maestro’ provide insight into the special world of a symphony orchestra and its conductor, in which leadership development is elevated to an art. Besides conducting I am a certified action learning coach (CALC) and apply this philosophy to the creative process and the ‘power of questioning.’
Stephanny Turton is a movement artist.
‘I inspire people to move, to get acquainted with their bodies, by changing attitudes. My work is dedicated to strengthening the physiological cooperation between 'mind-muscle-breathing'. This makes body and mind flexible and with this, you will (re)find the power of your body. In addition to my work as a dancer and dance teacher, I studied Pilates with Marjorie Oron (The Hague), Romana Kryzanowska (New York). Since 2004 I am running the successful Studio Art of Movement in Hilversum. My role in Artfullyminded consultancy is to 'bring head and body into contact'. The awareness of your own body and attitude contributes substantially to a healthier body, a more authentic appearance and a brighter thinking pattern.’
Frank Campman
Frank wants to contribute that people feel heard, that the wisdom is taken out of the team, that people enjoy participating in a team more because they have further developed the skill to do this and that it all leads to an improved and more relevant team result and organizational contribution. That's what drives him!

Frank is an action learner at heart. Not only did he complete the action learning MBA in 2002 with distinction, but he was also general director of the action learning Business School Netherlands and CEO of Action Learning Business School Netherlands International. Frank is a certified Professional Action Learning Coach and has guided many teams and organizations in their professional development. Both in terms of content and in terms of behaviour and team process. And Frank has been a member of the Global WIAL board. Within WIAL Netherlands, Frank is general manager, program manager and quartermaster of client Community of Practice programs. In addition, Frank is a Senior Action Learning Coach within various programs and action courses
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