‘Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.’ (Albert Einstein)

in-company programs

Business maestro
Multi-day course on the essence of leadership. Guide your organization through the eyes of a conductor.
Leading and being led
Workshop about the symphony orchestra, its musicians and the conductor. Focused on authentic leadership and the special communication between team and leader.
Action learning session
Use the power of questioning to get to the core of a problem. Balance underflow and upperflow and improve work atmosphere and performance in the organization.   


Use the art of conducting to professionalize the use of your body. Balancing head and body is essential for a healthy and productive work environment. For your leaders, for your team and for your organization. 


The business world is primarily focused on prosperity and concrete measurable results. Often the well-being of organisations, and it’s individuals is forgotten about in light of this primary objective. Difficult to pin-point and measure, well-being can be all too easily overlooked. However, in every business organisation well-being of the individual and company as a whole, is integral to its core strength. 

our mission

Business Maestro is focused on professionalizing the body of people and organization. The body households relaxation, intuition, modesty, flow and guts? All elements which cannot be thought by books and intellect, but are the result of facilitating the right conditions. We can help you balancing the head and body of your entire organization.

our approach

Business Maestro believes in a made to measure approach. Each organisation we work with is unique in its make up and has different requirements at different times. To develop the best possible program for your company, we use the Business Maestro introduction program. This one day program gives us insight in your organization and gives you a good impression in what we can do. After the session we can develop the follow up program together.
Our partners in developing programmes for your business are:
Thierry Maes, Business developer, Interim director
Stephanny Turton-Kat, Art of Movement

is your business operating the 21st century way?

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