Under current dynamics more visible? We can help you to balance 'head heart and body' in intellectual environments

With music as background and Action Learning as philosophy, We help balancing heads and bodies. As an leader, on team level and even for your organization.
Intake: 1.5 hours (incompany)
Program in consultation

Action Learning

An Action Learning session is a management tool in which a cross-section of the organization forms an Action Learning team and tackles a complicated problem. Complicated problems are urgent, long-lingering, have a strong underflow component and there is no direct view of a solution.

The Action Learning Coach supervises this session and evaluates the outcome. Depending the session’s outcome, the Action Learning Coach advises a suitable follow-up process, with appropriate coaches.


More information:
Number of participants: 6-8
Price € 450,-
Travel expenses € 0,25 /km.
Prices excluding VAT
Bothalaan 1, 1217 JP Hilversum