Business Maestro workshop

Workshop about the symphony orchestra, her musicians and the conductor. Focused on authentic leadership and the special communication between team and leader.

Experience the ultimate communication between conductor and orchestra and discover the parallels with leadership in your organization. Conducting is often cited as an example of special leadership. In this workshop you will learn the essence and the translation to your organization. 

Duration: 3 hours
Every organization strives for a perfect collaboration between leadership and the team. In reality, however, it appears that this is not always the case. 'Knowing' how an ideal teamwork looks like, doesn’t automatically lead to a successful result. We are still humans and people often react more with gut feeling than with ratio.
With ensemble or orchestra and the possibility to conduct
Learn about the energy direction between leader and team
Experience the importance body language and communication
About the power of vulnerability 


More information:
Number of participants: 8-12
Price 3 hours (4 musicians) € 2.950,-
Price 3 hours (10 musicians) € 4.600,-
Prices excluding VAT and travel
Bothalaan 1, 1217 JP Hilversum