business maestro

The essence of leadership. Conduct your organisation!

Always wanted to learn how to conduct? Conducting an orchestra requires craft, creativity and originality. Learn about the creative process behind these elements and the parallels in your organization. A good balance between head and body is essential for managing a team and making intuitive decisions. Business Maestro is about the art of leadership and personal development.
A different course than any other.

Duration: 3 days (2 modules of 2+1 day)

The Art of leadership

You master the craft of leadership. But you want the next step. Instead of the science behind effectiveness and influence, you are looking for meaning and self-awareness, or the essence of leadership. Conducting is besides craft mostly personality.
The music of the musicians is the most direct and honest mirror of your actions.
With 2 days string quartet and one day symphony orchestra
About 'owning' instead of 'learning'
About 'right to inspiration' and the creative process.
Close with a concert with an audience


Register via: Dates: Pricing: in consultation Price € 2.800,- (€ 850,- BM intro)
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Arrangement € 250,00

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